Tax Appointment Checklist

We request that you bring the following information to your initial tax appointment:

Personal Information
• Name, address, social security number (SSN), and date of birth (for yourself, spouse and/or dependents)
• Dependent name, address, tax ID and SSN
• Banking information (if using direct deposit)
• Previous year’s tax return

Income Data
• Wages and/or unemployment compensation
• Interest and/or Dividend Income
• State/local income tax refunds
• Social assistance income
• Pension/annuity/stock or bond sales
• Contract/partnership/trust/estate income
• Gambling/lottery winnings and losses/prizes/bonuses
• Alimony income
• Rental income
• Self-employment income/tips received
• Foreign income

Expense Data
• Dependent care costs
• Education/tuition costs/materials purchased
• Medical/dental bills/premiums paid
• Mortgage/home equity loan interest/mortgage insurance
• Self-employment-related expenses
• Gambling/lottery expenses
• Tax return preparation expenses (for businesses only)
• Investment expenses
• Real estate taxes
• Estimated tax payments to federal and state government (with specific payment dates)
• Home property taxes
• Charitable contributions (cash or non-cash)
• Purchase(s) qualifying for residential energy credit
• IRA/retirement plan contributions